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  imdb Rosecrans Bouleverd   (2014 Feb)
a dramatic short film

youtube  Casting Call 1 - general   (2014 Feb)
youtube  Casting Call 2 - for Valerie   (2014 Feb)
youtube  Z-Fest 3-minute trailer contest   (2014 Feb)


imdb The Coffee Shop Wars   (2014)
a romantic comedy
   90 minute low-budget comedy
    Principal Filming Ended, two scenes left to shoot 
    Post-production begun. 

IMDB Land of Sky Blue Water (2013)
a narrative / art film feature

cast and crew
IMDB Sarah Martens Olympia
IMDB Cody Hicks Karl Odinsson
IMDB Dani Palmer Ghost Charlotta
IMDB Joel Thingvall Bertram the Organist
IMDB Cliff Edgett NASA Scientist
IMDB Bob Cummings Eliot the Bartender
IMDB John Edel Reverend Torkelson
IMDB Jim Brown Sidney Laureaus
IMDB Kelly Bystrom Banker
IMDB Paige Bystrom Eva Anna Magda
IMDB Thane Eugene Cesar Brick Weathers
IMDB Freda Efimue Milan Model Vanni
IMDB Teri Erlingwest Female Narrator
Liz Gach Milan Model Ortensia
IMDB Alex Hale Milan Model Lila
Hanna von der Hoff Matilde von Rath
IMDB Rachel James Annunziata
IMDB Dick Lee Jack Thistlewaite
Anne Miller Maja Lund
Mark Nielson Figure in hallway
IMDB Ruthie Schaible Senesta
IMDB Destiny Soria Farfalla
IMDB Voniesh Soukhee Model
IMDB Shareese Wheeler Indian Princess
IMDB Huntster Farsnorkfilm editing
IMDB Abdelkader Hamouchi contributing writer
IMDB Matt Rorgecomposer: theme music
IMDB Elliot Hiltoncomposer: theme music
IMDB Tor Grimm-Reitercomposer: additional music
IMDB Dave Almondphotography consultant
IMDB Mark Palm cameraman
IMDB Freddy Ramos grip
IMDB Jim Yoder electrician
IMDB D. Andersonlegal
Bob Cummingstechnical advisor
John Edeltechnical advisor
Charles Nielsonproduction assistant
Mark Nielsonchoreographer
Ruthie Schaibleproduction assistant
Destiny Soriatechnical advisor
Joel Thingvalllocation consultant
Hermine HigginsAvalon Ballroom Boulder
IMDB Michael McKaySt. James Hotel, Red Wing MN
In the Halls of the Earl King 10 min art/dance
Sony EX1 1080p 24fps / Bolex 16mm 24fps
L.A. Project 90min art film
Sony EX1 1080p 24fps
SomeFangs! music video / short musical
In support of True Destiny Productions
Canon 7D 1080p 24fps IMDB
 I N    T H E    W O R K S  
Freindly Neighborhood

  90 minute low-budget adventure / comedy

  martial arts
  remote woodsy location

After a horrible tragedy Sincere high school graduate
Rusty Truffle leaves Springdale in search of truth 
and to forget the horrible tragedy.
In remote jungles far away Rusty encounters
Gretchen, his high school sweetheart, and a key player
in the charitable activities of the "Friendly Neighborhood", 
an NGO working with indigenous peoples.
Gretchen invites Rusty to join their organization to do
good in the work.  But why the harsh discipline insisted
upon by the Friendly Neighborhood's manager, the powerful
Baron K? 
What is high school sweetheart Gretchen's part in this
Friendly Neighborhood organization?
Who will prevail in the battle for Rusty's heart?
Gretchen? of the evil martial arts girl and the Baron's 
pitiless lieutenant, the pitiless Saika?
What will happen to little sister Shasta?
Why is high school gym teacher Mr. Klempschuyler so sure
they will meet again?


   Scripting finished (co-author J Dickens)

(aka The Inappropriateness
From the 16th Dimension!)

  90 minute low-budget horror / comedy

  martial arts
  remote woodsy location
  possibly all-asian cast

 1. ROLLY     20-28 - athletic, male lead
 2. RIFFLES   20-28 - athletic
 3. AMAYA     16-26 - athletic, female lead
 4. AZURE     16-26 - athletic
 5. TIBERIUS  20-28
 6. TRISTAN   20-28 - nerdy
 7. STEPHANIE 16-26 - athletic
 8. STACY     16-26 - athletic
 9. JACK      30-80 - handyman for Prof Von Burns
10. PROF VON BURNS 40-80 - smartest person on 
                 - earth, professorial, a little nutty.
11. JESSICA   30-50  (wife of PROF VON BURNS).  
12. REV LUND  30-80 - preacher, jovial, fun-loving.

As night falls, the eight friends gather 
around a fire place and look at old stone.  
AMAYA shows the friends the stone and 
TRISTAN - who has been 
studying ancient languages and reads the 
stone's writing.   It is an incarnation 
to monsters.  They all laugh at the funny 
thing and TRISTAN says he will take it 
to PROF VON BURNS - an eccentric expert 
in ancient languages - who lives nearby.  
TRISTAN and Stephanie are seen walking 
out into the night.  


  Treatment finished.
  Scripting started.

The Greek Gods

  90 minute low-budget romantic comedy

  Treatment finished.
  Scripting not started.
The Bus Wars

  90 minute low-budget romantic/comedy

  Treatment finished.
  Scripting not started.
The Chinese Billionaire

  90 minute tragedy

  Treatment done. 
  Scripting not started.
Coup D'Etat, Coup D'Etat

  90 minute comedic tragedy
  Diverse group of backwoods government protestors
  set up their own govt complete w bicameral congress
  and tripartite branches of government, and plan to 
  replace the U.S. Federal government with their own,
  citing obscure legislative vote in Hayes administration.
  However most of the civil war they incite is within
  their own ranks, as their proxy-'government' re-splits into
  two competing proxy-governments.

  Treatment not done.
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